Abscisic Acid and Cancer


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-ABA cancer cell normalization, differentiation and apoptosis
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(Chengdu Invention Translation)
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-ABA and human hepatocarcinoma cells
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-ABA and leukemia
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-ABA and colon cancer
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-ABA and lung adenocarcinoma
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-ABA and pancreatic cancer
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ABA and cancer of glial cells (gliomas)
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-ABA and inhibition of angiogenesis and reduction of the expression of Ki67(cancer cellular marker of proliferation)
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-ABA and the expression of Caspase 3 mRNA
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-ABA and the hormone of cancer (hCG)
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-ABA and lymphocytes
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-ABA and stimulation of prostaglandins (PEG2)
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-ABA and immune cells, and stimulation of other cytokines as (Nitric Oxide and TNF-alpha). 
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ABA and Corticotrophin-Releasing Hormone (CRH). Downregulation of CRH by ABA in the hypothalamus, and the stress response and depression.
Qi C.C et al.2014 

ABA stimulates Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 secretion in rats.
Bruzzone S et al. 2015




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Latest News

ABA News 12/19/2016

ABA intravenous injection no side effects has been confirmed by physiscian from Russia Dr. Evgeny Pritykin. See You Tube Video.


ABA News 10/05/2016

Abscisic acid: A Phytohormone and  Mammalian Cytokine as Novel Pharmacon with Potential for Future Development into Clinical Applications.

Sakthivel P et al. 2016

Institute of Medical Microbiology, Infection Control and Prevention, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany. Institut fur Medizinische Mikrobiologie und Krankenhaushygiene (IFMMK).


ABA News 09/12/2016

The Effect of the Plant Hormone Abscisic Acid on the Sprouting Blood Vessels in Vitro. 2016.

Julienne Chaqour
High Technology High School, Holmdel USA

See Abstract

ABA News 08/24/2016

ABA and Human Circadian Rhythm

See page of ABA & Circadian Rhythm


ABA News 03/27/2016

ABA stimulates Glucagon-Llike Peptide 1 secretion from L Cells and its oral administration increase plasma Glucagon- Llike Peptide 1 levels in rats.

Bruzzone S et al. 2015

ABA News 12/4/2015

ABA and Nerve Impulse Hypothesis

See page of ABA and Nerve Impulse


ABA News 11/27/2015

New ABA Research: Abscisic Acid-induced cellular apoptosis and differentiation in glioma via the retinoid acid signaling pathway.
Both cellular apoptosis and differentiation were increased in the glioblastoma cells after ABA treatment. ABA induced a significant increase in the expression of CRABP2, and ABA treatment was reduced by selectively silencing RAR- alpha.

Zhou N et al. 2015

ABA News 10/18/2015

New ABA Research: Antidepressant Effects of Abscisic Acid Mediated by the Downregulation of Corticotrophin-Releasing Hormone Gene Expression in Rats.
This research concludes that the hormone CRH gene expression produced by the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus is downregulated by ABA. CRH is considered to be the central driving force of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA), which plays a key role in the stress response and depression.
Interestingly, this  research showed that the hypothalamus contained the highest ABA concentration in the rat brain.

Qi C.C et al. 2014

ABA News 5/4/2015

New ABA Research: Abscisic Acid transport in human erythrocytes.

Vigliarolo T et al. 2015

Zocchi E and associates uncover the mechanism enabling ABA transport (influx and efflux) across the plasma membrane of human red blood cells (RBC). Later on it could reveal correlation between ABA, RBC and hemoglobin in the oxygen transportation.

see page of ABA and erythrocytes.

ABA News 11/29/14

New ABA Research: The Effect of Plant Hormones on the Components of the Secretory Pathway in Human Normal and Tumor Cells.

Vildanova M.S et al. 2014

ABA News 2014

New ABA Research: Effects of abscisic acid on proliferation of human pancreatic cancer cells.

This research concludes that ABA can inhibit proliferation and promote a
poptosis of PANC-1 probably by activating Caspase-3, and reducing the expression of hTERT mRNA, bcl-2 and Cyclin D1.

Zhong J et al. 2013

ABA News 04/11/14

It has been patented a new application of abscisic acid against cancer, which was filed on January 2013 (the solid formulation), see the access page:

Notice of Allowance


ABA News 01/06/2014

The Van Andel Research Institute studies the structure and function of proteins that have a central role in cellular signaling. One of the three areas of focus is the plant abiotic stress hormone Abscisic Acid (receptors and key signaling proteins). This knowledge will allow a rational design of drugs against diabetes, cancer and neurological diseases. See link:

Karsten Melcher 


ABA News 11/20/2013

Lately ABA research of University of Genova: Abscisic Acid: A New Mammalian Hormone Regulating Glucose Homeostasis. Messenger: Vol 1, 141-149. 2012.

Bruzzone S et al. 2012


ABA News 09/07/2013

It has been identified and characterized interactions between abscisic acid and human heat shock proteins by the Plant Biotechnology Institute in Canada. See link:

Karencho O.A et al. 2013.

The expression of Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) is increased when cells are exposed to elevated temperatures or other stresses. Expression of HSP is triggered by exposure to different kinds of environmental stress conditions such as infection, inflammation, excercise, toxin exposure, starvation, hypoxia and water deprivation. An interaction between ABA and HSP's denotes a tied correlation between ABA and human stress. In 2007 and 2008, it has been established an important role of HSP70 in cancer antigen capture and recognition. According to Karencho O.A, ABA binds to HSP70, see background references:

Heat Shock Proteins   


ABA News 08/30/2013

Investigations of Dr. B.F Volkman and team from the Medical College of Wisconsin might conduct to interesting conclusions about the immunological signaling of the human immune system, related to chemokines and small molecules as abscisic acid (ABA). See link:

Professor B.F Volkman 

According to the ABA and Immune Cells page of this website, a release of interferon-gamma and chemokines originated from an immune response in normal bodies could induce the signaling for the activation and absorption of ABA in immune cells.


ABA News 08/30/2013

The PhD Thesis of Sheth D.B, from Saurashtra University in India, titled “Investigation into pharmacological profile and mechanism of action of abscisic acid with reference to it's possible therapeutic usefulness", points out that, abscisic acid (ABA) exhibited potent anti-cancer activity in-vitro cell line study. He observed that, abscisic acid exerts cytotoxic action in both, ER positive (MCF-7) as well as ER negative (MDA-MB 468) breast cancer cell line studies.He concluded that pharmacologically, abscisic acid is a therapeutically promising phytohormone with beneficial effects in ailments like diabetes mellitus and cancer along with a high safety profile. See the extensive ¨peer-reviewed¨ journal articles referenced. See link:

Sheth D.B PhD Thesis

ABA News 07/22/2013

See :Invention application Number 13/506,263 titled "Abscisic Acid against Human Stress and Mental Diseases". Abstract and invention following the below link:



Abstract of Abscisic acid against cancer invention:

Patent number US 8,389,024 B2 (US 2010/0172977 (A1))
Regular patent application number US 2006/0292215 (A1)
Continued Patent Application number US 2014/0205660 A1. See Notice of Allowance.

Abscisic acid (ABA) a naturally occurring plant hormone has been identified in this invention with potent properties to fight cancer. ABA is able to produce a hyperpolarization condition on plasma membrane through a decrease of intracellular Na+ and K+. Such phenomenon is produced in cancer cells by mediation of ion channel and activation of the signalling G-protein pathway. ABA aborting sustained depolarization in malignant tissue will produce a change in the configurational state of cell from a damage to a normal state. Additionally, a positive polarization of hCG outer layer accomplished through a removal of electrons will permit immune system cells coming close to cancer cells for destruction. The ABA discovery functioning as a cytokine in human granulocytes and anticancer properties late researches confirm ABA as the key substance used by immune system cells against cancer. ABA can't be biosynthesized and degraded in a cancer anaerobic metabolism lacking in oxygen.
See Patent and Application Publications




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